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Child Support

Child support is an issue of primary concern in any divorce involving children and also in other legal actions involving children such as paternity actions. Thus, the Colorado General Assembly has established specific criteria to be considered in determining reasonable and appropriate child support obligations, including the gross incomes of the parents and the visitation (parenting time) schedules of the parents.

The intent of the Colorado child support statute is to ensure and protect the continuing financial well-being of children. Given this important goal, Colorado law requires the parents to exchange financial information and inform each other of various circumstances which may be included in a child support order. For example, in Colorado, the cost of day care and other regularly occurring expenses such as health insurance premiums may be includable in a child support order.

The Warkentine Law Office knows not only the nuances of Colorado law regarding child support but also the process available for obtaining all of the information you need to accurately calculate child support. Additionally, Brent Warkentine's years of practical experience ensures that he is prepared to meet the challenge of any child support issue you may have, whether the issue is how to appropriately respond to a notice from a Colorado Child Support Enforcement Unit or how to calculate child support if a parent is unemployed. Contact the firm online or telephone us at 720-443-5849 / 800-584-3034 to schedule a free, one-half hour initial consultation with Brent regarding your child support needs.

Child Support Guidelines

Although Colorado has adopted child support guidelines which are used to calculate the amount of child support owed by a parent, knowing what numbers to include or not include in the child support calculation is the more difficult issue. Accurately calculating child support is not just a simple matter of plugging numbers into an established formula. Rather, it requires a knowledge and understanding of the innumerable and varied components of a child support obligation, including:

  • Gross income of a parent (wages, bonuses, various benefits, dividends, etc.)
  • Day care expenses
  • Educational expenses
  • Extracurricular expenses
  • Allocation of expenses between the parents
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Extraordinary medical expenses (orthodontia, vision care, counseling)
  • Social Security benefit payments
  • Employment status (unemployed or underemployed)
  • Other children and prior child support obligations
  • Children with disabilities
  • Emancipated children
  • Visitation (parenting time) schedules, especially overnight parenting time

Gross Income of the Parents

Every child support calculation includes an inquiry into the gross income of the parents. That inquiry may begin with the amount that appears on a pay check, but it certainly does not end there. In Colorado, income from any source is to be considered in calculating child support. This broad definition includes income in the form of employment benefits, investment income such as dividends and interest, lottery winnings, profits and/or draws from self-employment, and numerous other forms.

The Warkentine Law Office is prepared to provide legal counsel for you regarding any child support issue you may have. As your attorney, Brent Warkentine, will educate you regarding all of the factors which may be considered in calculating child support and assist you in obtaining all the information you will need from the other parent in order to make an accurate child support calculation. Additionally, the firm will be there for you should you have any problem enforcing a child support order. Brent Warkentine has the knowledge and experience to pursue collection of child support on your behalf, including the use of income assignments, garnishments, and/or contempt proceedings.

Extraordinary Expenses

The Warkentine Law Office also can help you resolve other issues related to child support such as obtaining and maintaining health insurance coverage for your children as well as the manner in which the cost of health care expenses will be apportioned between the parents. For example, in Colorado, extraordinary medical expenses are defined as uninsured expenses in excess of $250.00 per child per calendar year. Additionally, parents may choose to apportion other expenses such as summer camp, higher education, automobile insurance, etc. Whatever your child support issue may be, the compassionate and comprehensive approach of Brent Warkentine will ensure that every concern you have will be addressed and resolved.

Often mediation is an efficient forum for resolving child support and related issues. Brent Warkentine has extensive experience using this alternative method of dispute resolution and is fully prepared to represent your interests in this forum. However, if the settlement/negotiation process is not the best approach for your issue, the firm also is prepared and qualified to litigate your interests in Court to obtain a judicial resolution.

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