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Broomfield Restraining Order Lawyer

In Colorado, restraining orders are called permanent protection orders (PPOs). They are orders issued by a court that tell one person not to hurt, threaten or communicate with another person.

The Warkentine Law Office represents clients throughout the protection order process. Brent Warkentine is a skilled lawyer with 20 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of the statutes regarding PPOs and will be a strong advocate for you at every step.

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Experienced Louisville Protection Order Attorney

Typically, the restraining order process begins by filing for a temporary protection order. If a temporary order is entered, a hearing is then scheduled within 14 days to determine if a permanent order is necessary.

As an experienced Broomfield restraining order attorney, Brent Warkentine can help with all aspects of this process, including:

  • Helping to obtain the temporary protection order
  • Representing you at the permanent protection order hearing
  • Making any necessary modifications to the order

Brent is a strong litigator who will work vigorously and diligently to protect you and your rights at every step.

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