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Can I mediate a high conflict family law case?

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Mediation |

This blog has previously discussed the benefits of mediation. However, some people in Broomfield, Colorado, may worry that mediation will not work in their cases because there is a lot tension between themselves and their partners.

However, mediation can work even in high conflict cases, where two people are having an exceptionally difficult time getting along. This is so even when parental responsibilities, like child custody and parenting time, are at issue. In the best case, a successful mediation can even set a better tone for the couple’s relationship in the upcoming months and years.

However, a mediation of a high conflict divorce case may need to proceed differently than in other cases.

For example, a mediator may have to consider having multiple meetings with the couple, either meeting with them separately or together. For instance, especially if the mediation has been court ordered, a mediator may want to assess each parent to make sure that they are able and willing to participate in mediation.

Likewise, the mediator may need to prepare to meet with the couple for several negotiation sessions.

Finally, a mediator may consider bringing in an independent custody expert, like a guardian ad litem, to help the mediator evaluate the family’s circumstances and overall situation. On the whole, while the couple still retains control over whether or not to agree, a mediator in a high conflict case may be more of an active participant in the process as opposed to a facilitator.

Still, a Colorado resident should not rule out mediation just because he or she is struggling to get along with the other side. Broomfield, Colorado, family law mediation attorneys can help someone involved in a high conflict divorce or separation explore mediation as an option.

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