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Decades Of Experience Helping The Broomfield Community Resolve Family Law Matters

The Warkentine Law Office combines a wealth of legal experience with an up-to-date knowledge of complex family law issues.

Having litigated cases in all the surrounding district courts, Brent Warkentine is familiar with the nuances of each court and the varying approaches of opposing lawyers.

He has established an extensive network of professional relationships with experts, such as real estate, business and retirement/pension valuators, custody evaluators and more, in order to better serve his clients and find the best solution for their situation.

If Children Are Involved

When it comes to children’s issues, attorney Brent Warkentine stands apart from many other family law attorneys.

As a trained and certified child and family investigator, Brent has specialized knowledge and understanding of the family investigative process.

If this area of family law is of importance to you, Brent Warkentine’s guidance may be the answer for you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution And Mediation

Not all family law issues require litigation. In many cases, your issue can be resolved via alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation or arbitration.

Our team has an established record of success in obtaining fair and amicable settlements without a long, drawn-out court battle.

Attorney Lee Warkentine has been serving the Broomfield community for many years and has experience in alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation.

As a neutral and impartial mediator, Lee Warkentine provides a plain-language explanation of Colorado law and the legal ramifications of varying resolutions while encouraging constructive discussions between the parties.

If you are looking for a comfortable, nonadversarial forum to address your family law issues, the mediation services available at the Warkentine Law Office may be the answer.

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