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Client Testimonials

Brent Warkentine is the BEST lawyer! He is professional, honest, and caring. Brent was very responsive to my needs by getting back to me in a timely manner through a quick phone call or emailing me back right away. He was always prepared for court and went way above and beyond for my case. I appreciate all that Brent has done for my daughters and I.

Brent and his team took the lead in my divorce and child custody case – a complex and highly contested case involving an out of state relocation for me and my children – and provided excellent advice and were extremely successful in negotiating a terrific settlement for me. Brent is very knowledgeable, smart and savvy. He is not intimidated by anyone and never backs down. He protected me and stood up for me when it seemed no one else did. He stopped the opposing lawyers dead in their tracks when they pulled some unethical stunts. Brent is top notch, always on top of things and Brent was accessible at any time. I highly recommend Brent. He will be your rock at the most difficult time. Even though money shouldn’t be the determining factor in choosing your attorney, can say that Brent’s fees are extremely reasonable, even on the low side of the range out there, and he is worth his weight in gold.

It is not often I would recommend a lawyer but in this case I have complete confidence in my recommendation. Brent and his staff are very professional and helpful. Brent worked with me on drafting and finalizing a separation agreement which I was very happy with. He helped me with a Trust and Will as well. Most recently he had to defend the separation agreement in court and I can without hesitation say he came prepared and his presentation and cross examination was superb.
Completely satisfied with his performance.

Brent Warkentine is the best lawyer in town! He and his staff are amazing. Brent understood that my long overdue decision to get a divorce was overwhelming and stressful for my daughter and I. My divorce process seemed somewhat doomed. Every thing that could go wrong with my ex, did. Brent was committed to get results with minimal conflict, in minimal time and minimal cost. He and his staff have had compassion for me at the worst time in my life. Brent has made a positive difference with his personal attention and his professional skills in court, mediation and dealing with the final decree of divorce. I continue to have problems with my ex as we speak. I really believed I was done with this divorce in March… Brent and his staff continue to understand my daughter and my needs and financial pressures. I value all their skillful negotiations in resolving these ongoing disputes. Someday there will be an end. Not sure when. But until then. Brent and his staff will be in my corner.
I have and continue to recommend Brent Warkentine as my trusted lawyer.

Brent and his staff are beyond amazing! I have been in my custody case since 2009 and have represented myself as well as having three separate attorneys throughout that time before I finally hired Brent. in the 3 years prior to hiring Brent nothing was resolved and we were in and out of court constantly. Brent was able to work with opposing council to get results that benefitted the children in the long run and not giving into my ex. He is amazing in court and very professional while still being a hardball. He came well recommended from other attorneys in the area and word of mouth throughout the community. I trusted his professional opinion on matters throughout the case and appreciated his willingness to work with payment and understand which matters were worth incurring costs and which were not, therefore, saving me money in the long run, which in turn helps my children. I will continue to use Brent and his staff for matters that arise and will continue to recommend him to anyone I know that is in the need for a family law attorney!

On a professional level Brent is punctual, knowledgeable and grounded confidently in his knowledge and practice. This is something that I learned was more valuable than I could have imagined, especially as I was fairly new to the process and system of family law. On a personal level Brent knew when to guide my thinking and choices when my emotions wanted the better of a situation. He made us feel like he was personally vested in our family and the relationships that needed attention. I would HIGHLY recommend Brent as an attorney.