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Enforcement of parenting time and custody orders

Most parents in Broomfield and throughout the greater Denver area hope that, after going through the pain of a split with their child's other parent, things will go relatively smoothly when it comes to parenting time and issues related to child-rearing.

After all, single parenting is made only harder when the other parent does not follow the ground rules established in the couple's parenting plan. In extreme cases, an uncooperative parent can make life totally unmanageable for the both the other parent and the children involved.

Coping with a high-conflict ex over co-parenting plans

Studies show that children of divorced households generally fare better when they have access to both parents. Researchers say kids can adapt to a new routine both during and after a divorce. However, negative impacts do occur when intense conflicts exist between parents.

The negative vibe can get worse when ex-spouses are continually battling over four main child-related issues, which are vacation plans, schools and extra-curricular activity, medical care and religious decisions.

Should I bring my attorney to a divorce mediation?

For a number of good reasons, many couples choose to resolve their divorce, legal separation or other family law issues through mediation. In many cases, a court may order parties to try to resolve their disputes through mediation.

The fact that a person will participate in mediation does not mean that he or she should not consult with an attorney. In fact, in many cases, the opposite is true. A skilled family law mediation attorney can give a person going through mediation important advice both before and during the process.

Stock options can present complex property division issues

Executives, professionals and other highly compensated employs who live in Broomfield or in other parts of the greater Boulder and Denver areas often get to enjoy various employee perks and benefits that often have a lot of monetary value. For instance, employees may be offered what are called stock options. As the name implies, a stock option gives the employee the choice, or option, to buy a certain number of shares of company stock for a certain price at a future date, oftentimes years down the road.

A stock option is valuable when it gives someone the ability to purchase stock at what amounts to a discount. For instance, if a person has an option to buy 100 shares of stock at $50 a share, but the stock is at that point selling on the market at $100 a share, then the employee instantly makes $5,000 just by exercising his or her stock option.

What are my obligations if I need to move?

Especially in today's economy and cultural environment, many people may need to move with their kids at some point in their lives. These moves often may involve going to another town, a neighboring state or even to another part of the country altogether.

While these moves are often important or even necessary for a family, when a parent is subject to a child custody or parenting time order, she is subject to certain legal responsibilities. This is particularly true if she is the parent with whom the children live for most of the time.

Gray divorce

Divorce rates are dropping for couples younger than 45 years-old but raising for older couples. The rate of divorce for couples age 50 and older has doubled in the past 30 years. Because divorce for older couples has become more common, it is often referred to as a gray divorce.

Divorce at any age is very emotionally and financially draining but divorce after 50 may be especially harmful to your emotional and financial health.

Reasons to consider a premarital agreement

Many people in Broomfield and the other Colorado communities around Boulder and Denver may have heard of premarital agreements. These may also get referred to as prenuptial agreements or even just prenups. There are, in fact, many advantages that these agreements offer, even to couples who have no plans to undergo divorce or legal separation.

For instance, premarital agreements are usually a good idea for anyone who is entering a second marriage or who has children from a prior relationship. The reason is that the prenup can clarify one's estate plan and make sure that his or her children from the prior relationship receive the inheritance that he or she wants to pass down.

Can I mediate a high conflict family law case?

This blog has previously discussed the benefits of mediation. However, some people in Broomfield, Colorado, may worry that mediation will not work in their cases because there is a lot tension between themselves and their partners.

However, mediation can work even in high conflict cases, where two people are having an exceptionally difficult time getting along. This is so even when parental responsibilities, like child custody and parenting time, are at issue. In the best case, a successful mediation can even set a better tone for the couple's relationship in the upcoming months and years.

How parental responsibilities work in domestic abuse situations

The allocation of parental responsibilities, which is Colorado's name for child custody and parenting time, will ordinarily involve both parents having some decision-making authority over and time with their children.

Generally speaking, it is well-known these days that children do best when both of their parents are involved in their lives, even if the parents themselves are not living together.

Can my ex relocate with my children?

relocation is an issue that may affect your previous divorce agreement.

After a divorce, individuals may move for a variety of reasons—including seeking new career opportunities, marrying another spouse or just wanting a fresh start. Naturally, both parents want to keep their custody and visitation rights in this situation. As the staying parent, you may naturally want to prevent your children from moving away.

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