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Divorce is more likely in Colorado than in most other states

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

According to recent statistics, if you lived in Colorado in 2018, then you were more likely to go through a divorce than if you lived in most other states in the union.

The national average divorce rate is 11.67. This number means that for every 1,000 couples in a given year, 11.67 of them will divorce.

Colorado was not the state with the highest divorce rate by a longshot. Still, it came in 10th place overall with a divorce rate of 13.52. Colorado was also one of only two states in the Mountain West to make the top ten, as most of the states with high divorce rates were congregated in the South. The Northeast part of the country tended to have much lower divorce rates, with some states falling under 10.00.

Putting the numbers in perspective, this does not mean that people in other parts of the country have better marriages than the residents of Colorado. Typically, the divorce rate is lower in states where the marriage rate is also lower.

Still, these numbers suggest that a Broomfield residents stands a reasonable chance, perhaps higher than average, of having to go through a legal separation or a divorce. In the course of a divorce, and as we have discussed before, several important legal questions get answered.

A couple will, for instance, have to determine allocation of parental responsibilities as well as child support if they have children in common. Moreover, almost all couples will have to divide their property in a fair and equitable manner, and alimony may be at issue as well. An experienced Colorado family law attorney can help a person through this process.

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