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How can I resolve my divorce through mediation?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2019 | Mediation |

Going through a lengthy and combative divorce can be emotionally and financially draining. If your divorce ends up going to court, you might have to pay attorney’s fees and court fees. If you and your spouse can resolve your matters outside of court, your divorce might not be as expensive.

The cost of an average divorce in court is about $15,000, depending on the state you live in. The financial savings are apparent when compared to the cost of an average mediated divorce, which is about $1,500.

What does the process look like?

The mediation process will begin once you and your spouse have hired a mediator to help you. If you have a lawyer already, they will likely have recommendations. The next step would be to set up an initial meeting. Here each spouse will be able to discuss their desires for some issues, such as:

  • Dividing property and assets
  • Determining child custody rights
  • Deciding the amount of alimony and spousal support

Until you and your spouse agree on these important marital issues, the divorce process will continue. The mediator will help both of you understand each other’s side and keep the discussions productive. Once you both have agreed on the terms, the mediator will present you with a divorce settlement agreement. You, your spouse and both attorneys must sign this document to make the divorce official.

Settling your divorce through mediation is a great way to save yourself time, money and stress. If you need help finding a qualified mediator, consider speaking with a family law attorney. If you and your spouse can’t seem to work out your problems with mediation, seeking the help of an attorney might be helpful in this situation as well.

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