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On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2019 | Mediation |

This blog has discussed how many Colorado couples in Broomfield and throughout the greater Denver area often find mediation a beneficial way to resolve a divorce, legal separation or other family law issue.

While not right in every case, mediation gives a person a golden opportunity to deal with oftentimes highly emotional and complicated family law issues at relatively low costs in terms of time, money and emotional stress. Moreover, mediation can reduce the tool a divorce or custody fight takes on minor children.

Our law office gladly accepts as clients those who are considering mediation as an alternative to traditional litigation before a family law judge. Having a lawyer involved in mediation is usually a good idea. For instance, we can serve as an important source of legal advice during a mediation, and we can also help review and finalize any mediation agreement our client reaches.

The lawyer at our office also offers mediation services to couples who are interested in this process.

As a neutral third party with considerable knowledge and experience with family law, he can help couples explore and reach reasonable agreements, even over sensitive issues like child custody and parenting time.

He can also assist couples who are dealing with hot-button topics like how their children are going to be educated or in what religion the children are going to be raised. On the financial side, he can assist with negotiating a reasonable alimony payment and with the division of most assets.

Mediation is also a good option for those who wish to change their existing divorce decree or custody and support order. Sometimes, the court or the decree itself may even require mediation. He can offer assistance in these sorts of situations as well.

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