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Review of how holiday parenting time works

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Child Custody & Parenting Time |

Many residents of Broomfield and the greater Denver area are no doubt preparing for the major holidays that are upcoming in the next several days. Likewise, this is the time of year when Colorado parents may start looking ahead to 2020 and planning vacations, holidays and the like. For those who are parents raising children separately, this time may be a good opportunity to review how holiday parenting time works in Colorado.

It is always a good idea for parents to have a clear plan as to who is going to have the children on what holidays. Otherwise, what is supposed to be a happy time with family and friends can get marred by conflict, which could even result in a trip to the courthouse.Because everyone’s family has different needs and circumstances, coming up with the details of a holiday parenting plan is really a task best discussed with one’s child custody and parenting time law firm.

However, Colorado’s court system has published a sample parenting plan that includes some provisions residents may find helpful when setting up holiday parenting time. One feature of this sample plan is that holiday parenting time, when clearly specified in the plan, will trump the ordinary parenting schedule.

Therefore, for those using this plan, it is important to make sure that which parent has the child for which holidays in which years is clearly specified. For parents who cannot agree on these terms, there may be options, like family law mediation, which can help them iron out their differences without having to go to court.

Among the other things parents need to tend to during this busy season, they should make sure that they understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to holiday parenting time.

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