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Certain assets require skilled handling in a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Business Owner Divorce, High-asset Divorce |

A previous post on this blog talked about how it can be difficult for Colorado residents going through a divorce or legal separation to put an accurate value on their investment real estate.

As this prior post discussed, a number of factors come in to play when valuing property that is not used exclusively as one’s private residence. Because of the complexity, there can also be serious disagreements about how this property should be divided.

Investment real estate is just one of many types of assets which well-to-do and wealthy couples may have to divide between each other during a divorce. Many of these assets require skilled handling on the part of both financial experts and lawyers.

For example, although pensions are relatively rare these days, many executive positions and government workers still draw them. Putting a value on these guaranteed monthly payments involves a mathematical formula, and there may also be some question as to how much of the pension should get divided. Likewise, other employment benefits, such as bonuses, stock options, and the like, may come in to play.

Moreover, wealthier couples in the Denver area may have their assets wrapped up in a smaller corporation or other business, that is, one that is not sold on the open market. Putting a value on business interests such as these could require thoroughly examining the business’s financial status.

Additionally, wealthier individuals may own artwork or other collectibles that are relatively hard to value.

The legal team at our law office understands the difficult issues that couples who are of means face when divorce arises. We are adept at resolving these issues both through mediation as well as conventional litigation in the courtroom.

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