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How much time should children spend with both parents?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Child Custody & Parenting Time |

Despite the divorce, your children continue to be your top priority. If you are like most parents, you still want the best possible outcome for them. How do you choose the best course of action following a divorce? Should children spend more time with one parent over the other? People sometimes assumed children should spend more time with the mother than the father in the past.

However, according to Live Science, children may need equal time with both parents.

Equal time helps children throughout life

Children who have equal time with both parents tend to have a strong bond with their parents as adults. Old research claimed if the father has too much time with a child, it can damage the mother-child bond. However, when two parents have equal time, research shows no damage to the relationship occurs. Instead, the mother-child and father-child bond improves. Children need to have equal time in early childhood and as babies and toddlers. If a toddler misses equal time with parents, you cannot compensate for it later.

Equal time helps the parent also

When you split the responsibilities with your spouse, you may find less stress to worry about throughout the day. The two of you have time to focus on different areas of your life when the children stay with the other parent. Likewise, it allows fathers to learn how to care for infants and toddlers throughout their daily and nightly routine. Fathers and babies learning about each other help set up a positive foundation for both. Single mothers tend to have a lot of stress and when they can have time away from the children, it may feel like a relief.

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