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Why is mediation a good option for later-in-life divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2022 | Divorce & Legal Separation, Mediation |

Statistics on the divorce rate in the U.S. keep changing, but experts agree that divorce for people aged 50 and older continues to rise.

Older couples often contemplate having a traditional divorce in court, but mediation may be a better option for several reasons.

About the mediation process

Mediation takes place outside of court. No judge will be present. You and your soon-to-be-ex will meet with a neutral third party, a trained mediator. The mediator will not take sides but will guide you through the process, provide access to legal information when needed and keep the negotiations on track. Meanwhile, the two of you will work toward a satisfactory divorce settlement agreement.

Savings in time, money and more

A divorce in court can take months if not years, depending on the mindset of the divorcing parties and the assets they must split. Time is an important commodity for older people, and you will find that mediation is much faster than litigation. It is also a much less expensive process, which is important considering your need for financial security in your later years.

Communication and control

Many older couples who have spent years together as a team do not want to end their marriage in a hostile manner. Mediation focuses on communication and the ability of the parties to control the outcome of their own divorce. It is less stressful and contentious than litigation and therefore a more civil option for everyone in the family. In short, there are a lot of advantages to divorce mediation. The process is becoming increasingly popular with older divorcing couples and may be the perfect option for you and your spouse.

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