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Do high-net-worth couples have more vitriolic divorces?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | High-asset Divorce |

Assets and finances have an inevitable tie with marriage health. They are a main contributing factor in a number of divorces, too.

But what about during the divorce process itself? Do couples with more assets to fight over actually end up fighting more often?

Asset amounts and arguments

As Business Insider states, higher net worth may not lead to increased vitriol in divorce at all. In fact, the highest wealth bracket of couples – over $5 million in net assets or more – have the highest rate of amiable divorces.

On the other hand, couples with between $1 and $5 million in net assets fight more than any other wealth bracket. Despite the fact that both of these groups of couples have quite a lot of assets to their names, why is there such a difference in how they handle the split?

How views on wealth shape arguments

Simply put, it might boil down to the way individuals view their wealth, rather than the actual wealth they have.

Financial security fuels a lot of the emotions behind how people tackle asset division. In more financially secure couples, fewer arguments happen. In couples with a higher expression of financial insecurity, arguments are much more likely to occur.

In short, when a person feels like they have more to lose or a higher chance of losing the assets that allow them to live their current lifestyle, they will preemptively fight harder to keep said things. This can lead to increased conflict over asset division and unnecessary fighting over who gets what out of the split.

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