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What can mediators do for your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

Divorcing couples who decide to skip going to court will want to look into the possibility of mediating their divorce instead.

Mediators provide a lot of good services for divorcing couples. It is important to understand what they can and cannot do, though.

Who is mediation for?

Forbes discusses tips for a more peaceful divorce, one of which involves mediation. Mediation allows for a couple to work together and collaborate on the terms of their divorce, rather than fighting against one another to get their personal optimum result in court.

It saves couples a lot of time, money and often stress. However, working civilly with a soon-to-be ex-partner often serves as a source of stress in its own way.

This is where mediators come in. They can guide couples through their discussions, ensuring that both parties have the space and time they need to address their respective concerns and issues.

They have experience in de-escalation and argument management as well, so they can ensure that any arguments that start do not get out of hand.

On top of that, they provide a great deal of value due to the fact that they provide a neutral, third-person perspective on highly personal events and can speak opinions that reflect this perspective.

What divorce mediators cannot do

Divorce mediators cannot, however, dictate the outcome of the divorce. They cannot make legally binding decisions that the couple must oblige by. They do not have the powers of a judge or arbitrator, and they cannot exercise control over a couple’s divorce decisions.

For many couples, this is actually another benefit and another reason to consider opting for mediation.

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