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Can mediation benefit older adults?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Gray Divorce |

The statistics for divorce constantly fluctuate, but some things remain the same over time. This includes the increased rate of divorce in couples aged 50 and older.

Though many older couples may initially consider taking their case to court, mediation could potentially provide a good method of handling things instead.

What is divorce mediation?

Forbes takes a look at some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of mediation for divorce. In most cases, mediation involves a third-party mediator who remains neutral throughout the whole process. Rather than taking the case to a court and presenting it to a judge, the divorcing couple instead works together with the help of the mediator to reach a satisfactory outcome on their own.

Remaining in control of divorce

Many people enjoy this option because it offers a lot more control. This is particularly important to older couples, who have spent years together and often do not want things to end on a hostile note.

Mediation is often less stressful and tense than traditional court divorce. It focuses on clarity of communication and on allowing both parties to express themselves freely and safely.

Saving money and time

Depending on things like assets or the attitude of divorcing parties, a divorce can potentially take years to sort through. As time is a precious commodity for older adults, it makes sense to choose an option like mediation, which severely shaves this time down.

On top of that, mediation costs less than litigation, which is a win for couples who need that financial security in later adulthood.

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