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Making child support payments in Colorado

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2021 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

In addition to understanding the different factors courts review when awarding child support, it is very important to go over your payment options if you have to pay child support. Many parents have support withheld by employers, but this does not apply to every parent (such as those who lose their job and self-employed workers).

If your child support is not withheld and you have to make payments on your own, carefully look into the different methods and find one that is the most convenient. This can help ensure that you stay current.

Paying child support online, by mail or over the phone

According to Colorado’s Division of Child Support Services, parents can pay child support online, over the phone or by mail. Online payments do not have fees, but processing takes two business days (five business days for the first payment). If you mail a check to the Family Support Registry, you need to make sure you correctly include your account number, court case number and other details.

You can also pay child support over the phone, but you will have to fill out an application and receive a pin number beforehand.

Bank withdrawals and other child support payment methods

Some parents have child support automatically withdrawn from their bank account each month, and these payments do not result in fees. Others make child support payments at approved retail locations across the state, by credit card or by debit card, although these payment methods incur service fees.

Regardless of the way in which you decide to pay child support, it is paramount to stay current in order to avoid harsh penalties.

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