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Helping Broomfield Determine Child Support Obligations Based On Individual Circumstances

Child support is an issue of primary concern in any divorce involving children and in other legal actions involving children, such as paternity actions.

The intent of the Colorado child support laws is to ensure and protect the continuing financial well-being of children.

Understanding Child Support Guidelines

Colorado has adopted child support guidelines to calculate the child support, however each scenario is examined differently.

Calculating child support requires a thorough understanding of the innumerable and varied components in a child support obligation, including:

  • Gross income of a parent
  • School expenses
  • Allocation of expenses between the parents
  • Medical expenses
  • Social Security benefit payments
  • Employment status
  • Other children and prior child support obligations
  • Children with disabilities

How Gross Income Of The Parents Plays A Part

Every child support calculation includes an inquiry into the gross income of the parents. That inquiry may begin with a paycheck but can include more. In Colorado, income may come from sources like employment benefits, investment income, lottery winnings, profits and/or draws from self-employment, and other forms.

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At Warkentine Law Office, in Broomfield, Colorado, leading attorney Brent Warkentine knows the nuances of Colorado law and how to properly calculate child support. Brent Warkentine has many years of practical experience in these matters and can take on the most complex cases. His more than 20 years of experience ensures that he is ready to take on any child support issue you may have.

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