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Enforcement of parenting time and custody orders

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2019 | Child Custody & Parenting Time |

Most parents in Broomfield and throughout the greater Denver area hope that, after going through the pain of a split with their child’s other parent, things will go relatively smoothly when it comes to parenting time and issues related to child-rearing.

After all, single parenting is made only harder when the other parent does not follow the ground rules established in the couple’s parenting plan. In extreme cases, an uncooperative parent can make life totally unmanageable for the both the other parent and the children involved.

Should a Colorado parent need help with getting a consistent parenting plan enforced, this state has laws that give parents options.

As a caveat, though, courts in this state are not as interested in occasional minor violations of a parenting plan, such as in the case of a mom or dad who, from time to time, runs a few minutes late to pick up their children.

The court may also order the parents to try to mediate their dispute before court.

On the other hand, one interesting feature about Colorado’s law is that judges actually have discretion to punish parents for failing to exercise their parenting time.

If a judge finds a violation, then she has a number of remedies she can impose. In addition to fines and other penalties, the judge can do things like modify the parenting plan so as to protect the child’s best interests and address the situation. The judge can also order makeup time or require a noncooperative parent to go to counseling.

In all cases, a noncooperative parent will be expected to pay the other parent’s attorney’s fees.

Local residents who feel that they need legal assistance with enforcing their parenting plan should not hesitate to speak with a Broomfield, Colorado, child custody and parenting time family law firm.

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