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What are 3 benefits of divorce mediation?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

Not every divorce has to involve litigation. Instead, many former Colorado couples are choosing to end their marriages through mediation, rather than litigation, and are finding that there are numerous benefits associated with doing so.

Not everyone is a strong candidate for divorce mediation. However, if you and your ex are able to work through asset division, child custody matters and related considerations with an unbiased third party, you may find that doing so offers the following advantages.

1. It costs less

The costs associated with divorce mediation vary from one former couple to the next. However, it is almost always much cheaper than litigating your divorce. You and your ex do not have to finance your own attorneys or pay for court costs, and this leads to substantial savings.

2. It is less adversarial

Your marriage might be ending, but that does not mean you and your ex have to become enemies. Mediating your divorce may mean less contentiousness between you. This may prove particularly beneficial if the two of you share children and must co-parent moving forward.

3. It is more private

Many people opt for mediation because it allows more privacy than a courtroom divorce. There is no public court process involved in mediation, nor is there a court reporter present taking notes on everything discussed.

While, in a litigated divorce, the goal is often to “win,” this is not the case with a mediated divorce. Mediation requires cooperation, so the ultimate goal is to create an agreement where everyone involved “wins.”

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