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When to seek a modification to your divorce decree

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2023 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

Going through a divorce is often an emotionally challenging and life-changing experience. Once the court finalizes the divorce, you receive a divorce decree that outlines the terms of your divorce, including aspects such as child custody, visitation rights and financial arrangements. However, circumstances can change, and there may come a time when the existing decree no longer suits your situation.

In Colorado, the law understands that life can change, and there may be reasons to modify a divorce decree. But when should you consider seeking a modification? Consider some situations where these changes might be necessary.

Changes in financial circumstances

Financial circumstances often fluctuate, and these changes can significantly impact your ability to comply with the terms of your divorce decree. If you lose your job, have a significant decrease in income or face unexpected financial emergencies, you may find it difficult to pay alimony or child support as ordered by the court. In such cases, seeking a modification to your divorce decree can help adjust your financial obligations to match your current financial state.

Similarly, if your ex-spouse experiences a significant increase in income, you might consider requesting a modification to increase the amount of child support or alimony they provide. This change aims to ensure that the financial provisions align with the current income levels of both parties.

Changes in child custody and visitation agreements

Child custody and visitation agreements can also warrant modification. If your work schedule changes drastically, it might interfere with your ability to adhere to the current custody or visitation schedule. In this scenario, you can seek a modification to alter the agreement to better suit your new work hours.

Additionally, if the needs of your child change over time, it might be necessary to modify the agreement to serve their best interest. Changes in schooling, health or social factors can all influence the best environment for your child.

Life changes and your divorce decree can change with it. The goal is to make sure the decree remains fair and serves the best interests of all parties involved, especially your children.

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