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License suspension because of unpaid child support

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Child Custody & Parenting Time |

As a parent who owes child support, it is important to understand the different consequences that could come up if you do not stay current. From the seizure of your bank account to tax refund interception and credit bureau reporting, many problems can come up if you fall behind. Moreover, you could also lose your driver’s license if you owe back child support.

The loss of your driving privileges could cause additional financial strain if you have to miss work or need to start paying for a taxi, making it even harder to pay child support.

A look at license suspension due to child support

The Division of Child Support Services provides an overview of license suspension resulting from unpaid child support. If you receive a notice that your license will become suspended, you can reach out to the child support agency to set up a payment plan. In addition, Colorado can suspend your driving privileges even if you have a license from another state.

Preventing license suspension over child support arrears

If you have difficulty making child support payments on time, you should understand the potential options you have. If you find yourself in this position because you lost your job, modifying your child support order could reduce how much you have to pay. Additionally, creating a payment plan or saving money and spending less might also help you stay current.

It is critical to do everything in your power to pay child support on time in order to avoid driver’s license suspension as well as other devastating penalties.

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