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Addressing parenting time neglect post-divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Child Custody & Parenting Time |

The World Population Review reported that there are over 75,000 divorces in Colorado each year. If you have divorced, you know it is a challenging process that can affect every family member in different ways. When you have children, the aftermath of a divorce can become even more complicated.

In Colorado, a parenting plan typically outlines each parent’s responsibilities, including when each parent will spend time with the kids. But what happens when your ex continually neglects their allocated parenting time?

Open a line of communication

Begin by speaking with your ex. It is possible they may have valid reasons for their absence, such as work constraints or personal issues. A direct conversation can shed light on the underlying cause and perhaps even pave the way for a solution. While talking, stay calm and avoid confrontations. Focus on expressing your concerns and seeking a better understanding of the situation.

Document the missed parenting times

It is essential to keep a record of each time your ex misses their scheduled time with the children. Document dates, times and any reasons they may provide for their absence. This information can serve as a reference if you decide to make future adjustments to the parenting plan.

Use counseling or mediation

Sometimes external factors or unresolved feelings from the divorce can affect one’s ability to adhere to the parenting schedule. In such cases, you might consider suggesting counseling for your ex. Counseling can provide them with the tools they need to cope and prioritize their parenting responsibilities. Mediation can also be a valuable tool, helping both parties come to an agreement on how to move forward.

Adjust the parenting plan

If the neglect continues and you believe a change might benefit the children, consider revisiting the parenting plan. It is possible that a more flexible arrangement or a shift in scheduled days might make it easier for your ex to commit to their time with the kids.

Ensure the children’s emotional well-being

Neglected parenting time can be tough on children. They might feel rejected or confused by their parent’s absence. Make sure you support them emotionally. Openly communicate, providing a safe space for them to express their feelings and consider counseling if you think it might help them process their emotions.

Dealing with an ex who neglects their parenting time can be stressful. However, knowing how to handle the situation, you can navigate this challenging time. Remember, the primary goal is always the well-being of the children.

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