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When to seek a change in your custody agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2023 | Child Custody & Parenting Time |

According to the U.S. Census, as of 2022, Colorado has a divorce rate of 13.52 per 1,000 people and many of those divorces involve children. One important aspect that divorcing parents must navigate is that of child custody agreements. These agreements aim to meet the best interests of the child, but circumstances can change over time. When significant changes occur, parents might need to consider modifying their child custody agreement.

Understanding when to seek a modification can help parents ensure that the agreement continues to serve the best interests of their child.

Significant changes in living situations

One of the primary reasons to seek a modification is a significant change in either parent’s living situation. This could include relocating to a different city or state, a change in housing that affects the child’s living space or any other alteration that directly impacts the child’s well-being. If the change makes the original agreement impractical or unsuitable, a modification is necessary.

Changes in the child’s needs

As children grow, their needs evolve. Changes in a child’s health, education or emotional well-being might require adjustments to the custody arrangement. For example, if a child develops a medical condition that one parent is better equipped to handle, or if a child expresses a strong preference to live with one parent due to school or social reasons, these are valid grounds for seeking a modification.

Changes in parental circumstances

Changes in a parent’s circumstances, such as a significant change in work schedule, health issues or changes in marital status, can also necessitate a modification. If these changes affect the parent’s ability to provide care or maintain the custody schedule, it is important to revise the agreement to reflect the new circumstances.

These modifications help maintain an environment that supports the child’s growth and well-being. Parents should approach this process with the child’s best interests at heart, ensuring that any changes made are in favor of the child’s overall welfare and happiness.

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