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5 reasons for restraining orders against your ex during a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Divorce & Legal Separation |

Divorce can be tumultuous for many reasons. Individuals in Colorado may find themselves in situations where seeking a restraining order against their spouse becomes necessary.

This measure aims to protect people from potential harm or harassment during the dissolution of their marriage.

1. Protection from domestic violence

One reason individuals seek restraining orders during divorce proceedings is to protect themselves from domestic violence. Divorce can escalate tensions between spouses, leading to instances of physical, emotional or psychological abuse.

2. Prevention of harassment

In some cases, one spouse may engage in harassing behavior toward the other during the divorce process. This harassment can manifest in various forms, such as unwanted communication, stalking or intimidation. A restraining order provides an avenue for the victim to establish boundaries and ideally prevent further harassment from occurring.

3. Safeguarding assets and property

Divorce often involves the division of assets and property acquired during the marriage. However, some spouses may attempt to unlawfully dispose of or damage shared assets out of spite or revenge. By obtaining a restraining order, individuals can prevent their spouse from engaging in destructive behaviors that could jeopardize the equitable distribution of marital property.

4. Protection for children

Restraining orders can include provisions that prohibit the abusive or harmful treatment of children by either parent. This legal measure helps to create a secure environment for children during the divorce process and beyond.

5. Preservation of emotional well-being

Divorce is inherently emotionally challenging, and interactions with a contentious spouse can exacerbate stress and anxiety. By obtaining a restraining order, individuals can minimize direct contact with their spouse, providing them with the space and peace of mind to navigate the divorce proceedings and focus on rebuilding their lives.

By understanding why restraining orders may be necessary during divorce in Colorado, individuals can take proactive steps to protect themselves and their loved ones.

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