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Child Custody & Parenting Time

Colorado Lawyer Helping Families with Visitation and Parenting Time

Visitation, also known as parenting time, is a significant and oftentimes emotionally charged issue for many parents. Whether the issue arises within the context of a divorce, a paternity action, or a nontraditional relationship, the goal of parenting time is to promote and protect the best interests of children without regard to the status of the relationship between the parents.

With each developmental stage of a child's life, parents are confronted with new issues that impact parenting time. A visitation schedule which may have been appropriate when your child was 6 years of age may not be appropriate when your child is 12 years old. Thus, a parent must be prepared to revisit the issue as the circumstances of the child and the parent change. No matter what stage of life you and your child may be in, the Warkentine Law Office is prepared to assist you in creating and implementing a parenting time schedule which will promote the best interests of your child and your relationship with your child.


Today, a growing number of parents are facing the prospect of having to move away from the area in which they and their children have lived for years. Such a situation presents a dilemma for both parents and children and may demand great sacrifices from everyone involved. The Warkentine Law Office does not try to diminish the difficulty of the situation. Rather, the firm is dedicated to helping its clients anticipate and recognize the myriad of issues which will inevitably arise when the geographic ties between parents and children are stretched. If the possibility of relocating is on your horizon, contact the firm online or telephone us at 720-443-5849 / 800-584-3034 to schedule a free, one-half hour initial consultation with Brent Warkentine to discuss your options.

Meeting Your Particular Goals and Those Of Your Family

Throughout his many years practicing family law with the Warkentine Law Office, attorney Brent Warkentine has maintained an unwavering dedication to helping families meet the innumerable and varied challenges that arise when the relationship between the parents falters. Using his extensive knowledge of Colorado statutory requirements and specific legal considerations which form the contours of any resolution of a family law dispute such as parenting time, Brent assists each client in exploring an array of possible remedies and tailoring a final resolution to meet the particular goals of the client.

Brent Warkentine is a trained and certified Child and Family Investigator. Child and Family Investigators are experts who assist families and the courts in resolving family law disputes. Not only is Brent well versed in the investigative process as a result of his training; he also is familiar with many of the experts who conduct child and family investigations. Thus, Brent is prepared to provide his clients with a thorough understanding of the process and also assist his clients in selecting a child and family investigator.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

In developing an appropriate visitation or parenting time schedule, parents must take into account a host of different variables. What is the parent's work schedule? What activities does the child participate in? What holidays are of special importance to either the parent or the child?

With all of the needs and concerns that must be considered, many parents look for an alternative forum, such as mediation, to explore and discuss various options in a relaxed, non-confrontational environment. The Warkentine Law Office welcomes the opportunity to assist clients in their efforts to resolve parenting time issues through alternative dispute resolution, whether the alternative process is mediation or arbitration.

As a trained family law mediator, Lee Warkentine recognizes that the flexibility of alternative dispute resolution not only offers a less emotionally charged atmosphere for parents to find common ground but oftentimes results in more creative solutions to unwieldy problems. If you have avoided dealing with visitation issues because the mere thought of a court battle is too daunting, contact the Warkentine Law Office online or call us at 720-443-5849 / 800-584-3034 to schedule alternative dispute resolution with Lee Warkentine.

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The Warkentine Law Office recognizes that every parent-child relationship is unique and that a cookie cutter solution may not always provide the right answer to the particular challenge confronting a parent. Thus, Brent Warkentine is committed to helping each client find an appropriate solution to a visitation or parenting time dispute without overlooking the unique relationship between each parent and each child. If this type of approach is what you are looking for, contact the firm online or telephone us at 720-443-5849 / 800-584-3034 to schedule a free, one-half hour initial consultation with Brent Warkentine to discuss your specific concerns regarding visitation or parenting time.