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At Warkentine Law Office, we proudly serve same-sex couples in Broomfield and throughout the Denver metro area with all types of family law matters involving the following:

Child Custody And Relocation Issues

Many same-sex spouses marry outside of the state of Colorado and then relocate to the state. However, when the marriage ends, one spouse may want to return to the previous state or move to another one altogether.

Relocation matters become particularly complicated when children are involved. If you or the other parent plans to relocate with your child, our team can provide sound legal guidance and help you explore the available options for achieving your goals.

Attorney Brent Warkentine has handled relocation matters for parents in many different situations.

Property Concerns For Same-Sex Spouses

Under the law, same-sex married couples have the same marital property rights as married heterosexual couples.

When a couple divorces, regardless of the sex of the parties, Colorado law calls for an “equitable distribution” of marital assets and debts. This does not mean an equal split of assets and debts, but a “fair” split.

Attorney Lee Warkentine often assists couples to resolve property matters via mediation. He has developed a skilled reputation for finding positive results for individuals.

If, however resolving property decisions is not feasible in your situation, attorney Brent Warkentine can pursue litigation options. He often works with a network of experts who are skilled at valuing property and uncovering any hidden assets that should be included in a martial estate.

Whether you want to create an effective parenting plan with your former spouse, ensure that your divorce settlement is fair and equitable, or safeguard your personal assets with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, let us help.

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