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Fighting To Protect Your Interests In Your Property During Divorce

Going through a divorce can be an ugly experience, especially when money is involved. If you are separating from your spouse and worried about the fate of numerous assets, reaching out to a law firm experienced in handling family law affairs that involve dividing marital property is essential.

An experienced attorney will know the laws, the procedures and how best to protect your interest. At Warkentine Law Office, in Broomfield, Colorado, let us help.

Many Years Helping Individuals Resolve Complex Property Division Matters

Attorney Brent Warkentine is a seasoned Colorado attorney who has been handling divorce, child custody, property division and other family law matters over 20 years for those in Broomfield and nearby Colorado communities.

He often helps people deal with assets involving:

  • Retirement accounts
  • Pensions
  • Real estate
  • Investment properties

Mediation And Litigation: What You Need To Find The Best Solution For You

Brent strives to help couples settle their property disputes out of court. Attorney Lee Warkentine is well-known in the community for resolving issues via mediation.

However, negotiation outside of court is not always the best option for couples. If things get rough, Brent is an experienced litigator, ready to fight to protect your interests.

He will help determine what property and debts count as marital and which ones will be classified as separate and not be subject to division with your spouse. If you acquired assets before getting married, there is a good chance that they will stay with you and out of your marital estate.

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If you are facing a divorce, or even think you might be, and are concerned about an inheritance, family residence or a pension, reach out to us for guidance on how the law will potentially divide such assets in your divorce.

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