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Do You Know The Signs Of Parental Alienation?

Going through a divorce is often a difficult and bitter experience for many couples. In some instances, a parent of the child can begin to influence the child’s opinion of the other parent, whether it is intentional or unintentional, and can cause some serious damage to a parent-child relationship.

Kids, along with the parents, often have a hard time during the divorce and undergo serious amounts of worry and stress as well.

It can be hard to know if your child’s behavior is because of the divorce, or if it is the result of the influence of another person, such as the other parent.

There are signs to look out for to determine if parental alienation is occurring in your situation. Below are a handful of questions to consider:

  • Does your child regularly avoid seeing you?
  • Does your child refuse to accept or destroy any gifts you give them?
  • Has your child become insulting or otherwise disrespectful to you?
  • Does your child seem to feel guilty when they are around you?

These are just several examples. There could be more depending on your individual circumstances.

If you suspect parental alienation is occurring, your best defense is getting a good attorney. Your relationship with your child is invaluable.

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