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The Warkentine Law Office | 20 Years of Legal Work in the Broomfield Community

The Warkentine Law Office combines a wealth of legal experience with an up-to-date knowledge of complex family law issues. Having litigated cases in all of the surrounding District Courts, Brent Warkentine is familiar with the particular nuances of each court and the varying approaches of opposing lawyers.

Additionally, the Warkentine Law Office keeps abreast of the latest developments in the area of family law and has established an extensive network of professional relationships with experts in such fields as real estate, accounting, business and retirement/pension valuations, custody evaluations and child psychology. These professionals may be called upon, if necessary, to assist with the technical aspects of a family law case, and our firm is able to skillfully prepare and present a case at trial, as well as in other forums.

If Children Are Involved

Brent Warkentine, who represents our clients in litigation matters, stands apart from many other family law attorneys because of his extensive knowledge and expertise with regard to issues involving children, including such issues as parental responsibilities, parental decision-making, parenting time, primary residential care and out-of-state relocations.

Brent Warkentine is a trained and certified Child and Family Investigator. With this specialized knowledge comes an in-depth understanding of the child and family investigative process, as well as a familiarity with the experts who are regularly retained to conduct such investigations. If this area of family law is of particular importance to you and the resolution of your dispute, the guidance and representation provided by Brent Warkentine may be the answer for you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Not all family law issues require litigation. Oftentimes, the most economical and expedient solution may be obtained through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. Brent Warkentine is committed to utilizing the forum that best suits your specific goals and the circumstances of your case. Because of his strong commitment to alternative dispute resolution, Brent Warkentine has an established record of success in obtaining fair and amicable settlements without the necessity of a trial.

For clients who may be interested in an affordable and efficient alternative to the traditional judicial process, Lee Warkentine offers mediation services. Lee is well versed in the art of alternative dispute resolution and welcomes the opportunity to assist parties in creating and implementing joint resolutions of family law disputes.

As a neutral and impartial mediator, Lee Warkentine provides a plain-language explanation of Colorado law and the legal ramifications of varying resolutions while encouraging constructive discussions between the parties. If you are looking for a comfortable, non-adversarial forum in which to address family law issues and explore your own solutions to those issues, the mediation services available at the Warkentine Law Office may be the answer.

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