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Estate Planning Documents

Wills and other estate planning documents are the legal means by which you can communicate your wishes and desires and thereby, alleviate much of the stress that family members and loved ones will experience upon your passing or should you become incapacitated.

Located in Broomfield, Colorado, The Warkentine Law Office helps its clients make informed decisions regarding their future and prepare and execute estate planning documents which are tailored to fit their specific needs and concerns. Contact the firm today to schedule a free, one-half hour initial consultation if you have questions about the estate planning process.

Estate Planning Documents

The Warkentine Law Office offers variety of services to meet your estate planning needs:

  • Wills: Wills help provide a client the assurance that their assets will be divided in the manner they desire and not according to the dictates of the State of Colorado or some unknown, distant relative. And, wills help to assure your loved ones that they need not engage in any second-guessing after you have passed. Everyone will know what you wanted and your loved ones will have the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes have been fulfilled.
  • Trusts: Trusts provide a means for distributing your assets according to a timetable which you believe is appropriate. For example, you may have young children that you want to attend college in the future. By establishing a trust funded with your assets, you will be able to provide the funds for a college education at the appropriate time in your child's life.
  • POA: Medical Power of Attorney/Living Will: A Medical Power of Attorney or Living Will is a method by which you may communicate your wishes and desires regarding medical care if you become incapacitated and cannot directly communicate with your healthcare providers and/or loved ones.
  • General Durable Power of Attorney: A General Durable Power of Attorney authorizes your agent to act on your behalf with regard to financial matters if you become incapacitated and cannot take care of your finances yourself. For example, your agent would be able to maintain your home by accessing your accounts to pay your monthly living expenses until such time as you are able to return to your home.
  • Probate: Probate is the process by which the terms and conditions of your Will are implemented by the person you have selected to be the personal representative of your estate. The Warkentine Law Office is prepared to assist your personal representative in accomplishing the tasks required by Colorado law including obtaining judicial authority to act pursuant to your will, notifying creditors, obtaining transfers of titles, preparing an estate inventory, and closing an estate.

Broomfield Attorney Helping You Rethink The Future

Today may be the best time for you to begin the process of directing your own future. Have you recently married, or given birth to a child, or finalized a divorce? These events oftentimes require one to restructure outdated estate plans. For example, with the birth of child, you may need to have a will drafted to ensure that your new bundle of joy is taken care of should anything happen to you. We are prepared to assist you in rethinking and reshaping your estate planning documents as circumstances change throughout your lifetime.

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